~I love, love, LOVE Rare Bird jewelry! Each piece is designed, hand crafted and infused with love. Nancy and Cathy use only quality materials and create timeless designs. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet or earrings, I find myself playing with the pieces--literally using them as touchstones--to ground myself throughout the day. I wear Rare Bird every day because it makes me look and feel fabulous...and that brings pure joy! Lisa Jaye- Mill Valley, CA


~My daughters gave me my first Rare Bird necklace for my last birthday. The style and design was beautifully executed. I love that I can wrap, add to and change my look depending on my mood and style! All the pieces in the collection (I came to learn) are meant to work together or stand on their own. I can layer to my hearts content! The back story of the brand and the coming together of two sisters on different paths with a common respect for kindness, beauty and positive energy furthers my connection to the brand! Thank you Rare Bird. Pamela Harris- Glencoe, IL


~I love my Rare Bird pieces! I have several and i'm usually always wearing one. They are beautiful and meet my high standards for quality. But more importantly, the jewelry reminds me to be kinder, more open, and make time for myself. I run a company, a household and I'm a mother of a young child, so I'm extremely busy. Each time I put on one of my Rare Bird pieces and touch it during the day, I get reminded to take a deep breath, look around and stop to enjoy the moment that's before me. Life is short and every moment counts. We are all Rare Birds, so lets show it!!  Elizabeth Lampert- Lafayette, CA


~I purchased two necklaces and two pairs of earrings at the beginning of the summer from Rare Bird and they are the only four pieces of jewelry I've worn since! I absolutely love each one and the amount of compliments I get is amazing!!! They look great with whatever I have on (dressed up or everyday), I love to layer them and the quality is beautiful. I love that they help remind me of my strength, femininity and uniqueness. Thank you Rare Bird for your unique creations! I can't wait for Christmas!! Dana Winslett- Moraga, CA


 ~ I absolutely LOVE my pieces from Rare Bird! They are so versatile. I can wear them with a t-shirt and jeans, or along with my more sophisticated outfits. I receive compliments on them wherever I go! My favorite necklace is called "The Goddess"- I love it because it reminds me to stay tuned into the divine. It makes me feel so feminine and beautiful...just like a Rare Bird ;)" Kristine Carlson- Martinez, CA