The Rare Bird jewelry you've purchased is meant to be worn as a sparkly reminder to honor yourself, and find ways to express your uniqueness, talents, and vitality.  We've attached an Intention to each piece of jewelry...find yours from the list below. Or, choose any intention that inspires you! Wear our jewelry, like a string around your wrist as a reminder to always honor what's BEST about you..spread your Rare Bird wings and fly! 

ATTRACTION    According to the Law of Attraction, the dominant thoughts and beliefs we hold in our mind influence the circumstances of our life. Wear your Rare Bird as a powerful reminder to use your thoughts and beliefs as a supportive ally to create the life you love what you start attracting! 

BALANCE   We are at our best when our lives are in balance: mind, body, and spirit. Ask yourself: what do I need right now? Where is there too much...where is there too little? In order to feel balance, take the time to nourish yourself, inside and out. Wear your Rare Bird and, let it be a reminder to find ways to nourish and give to yourself every day!  

BEAUTY   True beauty comes from true authenticity; when you love and appreciate yourself just the way you are. Remember, authenticity shines brighter and is much more compelling than perfection. Wear your Rare Bird to align you with your authentic beauty and to ALWAYS be the Rare Bird that you are!  

CHOICE   Making a choice is the first step in creating a life you love living. “Choose and decide for” something…feel inspired by your vision, and lock it in with energy & enthusiasm! Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to make a choice FOR what you want, get excited…watch the magic begin to happen.

CONNECTION   In the words of Brené Brown, “connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued–when they can give and receive without judgment.” Connection makes life meaningful and fulfilling. Wear your Rare Bird, and be reminded to take time every day to emotionally connect with important people in your life, especially those you love.   

COURAGE     Creating a life of health and happiness requires we step up to challenge and fear. "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage"~ Anais Nin. Wear your Rare Bird and let it remind you that you're strong enough, capable enough and deserving enough to step up and go after what you want!

CREATIVITY   All human beings are born hard-wired with imagination and creativity. If you weren't worried what others would think or say, what would you love to do, to wear or to try? Ask yourself, what is one small step I can take to express my individuality and imagination today?  Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder, to always tap into your creative instincts and unique self-expression! Spread your wings and fly!   

DARE    Learning to take risks and exploring new terrain is the key to expanding life and new possibilities. While scary, doing something new can also be super exhilarating and fun. Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder that risk-taking is a good thing...dare to find new ways each day to explore, experiment and experience something new!  

DESIRE  the words of Life Coach Mary Morrissey...“You’re going to create a life, whether you want to or not, so why not create a life you love?”  Desire + Enthusiasm + Action is all it takes to make a dream, reality. Wear your Rare Bird to remind you your desires can become reality by taking small action steps every day towards what you love!  

EASE & FLOW    It takes more energy to create a life of struggle than it does to create a life of ease and flow. Oddly enough, the more we resist, the more it persists and the harder we make it on ourselves. What would your life look like if you could access your calm center more often? Wear your Rare Bird, and let it remind you to let go of preconceived notions about how things should be and ease into the flow.  

EMPOWERMENT    We are all more powerful than we realize! Experiencing fear and doubt is normal but it doesn’t have to stop you from doing or being all that you are. Remember, if not you...then who?  Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to believe in yourself, and to shift your focus from what’s impossible to what IS possible. You’ll then become a voice of empowerment and support for well as yourself!  

ESSENCE  Essence is your true intrinsic nature; your soul, your spirit, who you are at your core. Like your own personal buried treasure, your essence is always the truth - deep inside you for your discover. Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder of all the valuable treasure you possess that make you unique.     


GRACE    Grace is a feeling and outwardly flow of compassion, kindness, and love without expecting something in return. Grace comes from an inner sense of abundance and gratitude for all that is. Grace is a feeling of warmth that gives you courage to be gentle toward yourself and others.  Wear your Rare Bird to support your capacity to love and care about others people through the gentle awareness and practice of grace.  

GRATITUDE   The practice of gratitude can change your perspective and mood in an instant. When you start to look at all you have to be grateful for, your world suddenly expands.  Wear your Rare Bird, and let it be a reminder to consider all you have to be grateful for in your the magic begin to happen!  

HARMONY   Harmony is the open and caring communication with people in your life. When we connect this way, we create a deeper sense of belonging and connection within our families, friend groups, and community.  Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to BE the person that brings harmony to your interactions wherever you are. 

INSPIRATION   Inspiration is the flame that ignites all genius and creativity. What interests you and turns you on? Take a few hours and break from your normal routine to think and act in new ways. As your perspective widens to fresh stimulus so will your creativity. See where inspiration carries you, and trust yourself to move forward in a new way.  Wear your Rare Bird to help you align with the boundless sparks of inspiration in this amazing world. You have the capacity to feel, channel, explore and express it. Your time is now!!  

INTUITION    Follow your hunches. We’re all hard-wired with a sixth sense called intuition. It’s a knowing without proof. It’s like a flash of realization; it’s the truth without certainty. But you know it will lead you somewhere. It’s important, a glimpse of an idea. Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to trust your intuition at all times. It’s your personal North Star; you know more than you think you do!  

LOVE    Love is our true nature, and is one of the few things in life, that when you give it- you get more back! Who in your life could benefit from more love from you? Who would you like to be more loving towards today?  Wear your Rare Bird and let it be a reminder of ALL the love you have to give, and the difference it makes when you share it.  

MINDFULNESS    Mindfulness is simply conscious awareness; it is the opposite of going through life on autopilot. When we rush through a moment, we miss out on noticing the details that engage us and make life rich. Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to get off “auto-pilot” and switch on your mindful awareness in the moment. Practice makes perfect ;)  

POWER     “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker.  Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder of all your potential; you are capable, useful and important. Step up, go forth, and make your mark!  

SELF TRUST   Listen to the still, small voice inside of you that always knows what’s best. With practice, you can learn to count on your inner voice to be your ally in ALL circumstances. Wear your Rare Bird as a reminder to listen to the still, small voice that is always there inside you...let it be your most trusted guide.  

GODDESS   You are a true goddess- vibrant, beautiful confident, and strong. Tap into your femininity being that you are, as your ultimate strength and shield. Wear your Rare Bird, and be reminded to BE the goddess that you are; divinely feminine fearless and free!  

UNIQUE   All Rare Birds have qualities that help us stand out in a crowd. Think about what makes you distinct, uncommon, and all your own. Your uniqueness makes you rare and truly special. Wear your Rare Bird, as a reminder to honor and cherish your’s what’s most beautiful about you!