About Rare Bird Jewelry

Rare Bird: (noun) an exceptional person or thing, a rarity.

At Rare Bird, our hand crafted and wire-wrapped 22K gold vermeil, rhodium and unique gemstone creations are made to empower women of all ages and stages to awaken to the fact that we are ALL Rare Birds. Our jewelry is designed to be worn purposefully (now more then ever) as a constant reminder of the Rare Bird that you are: exceptionally capable, uniquely beautiful, wacky & wonderful, passionate & brave, one of a kind!  Each piece of jewelry is accompanied with a custom coaching instruction designed to help you set an intention for your jewelry.  It is our intention that the mere touch of a piece of Rare Bird jewelry around your neck, wrist or dangling from your ear, will remind you to honor, love and find ways to express your uniqueness, talents, and vitality.

Every piece comes in a jewelry pouch with our Mantra printed on the back. As a gift to yourself or to another Rare Bird, our jewelry encourages and supports conscious & affirming beliefs, confidence and reinforces the vital difference we can make in our own lives- as well as the lives of others.

...a gift you give to yourself, or someone you love.